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Pagan Prayer Beads


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How a customer gave us a great variation.

Michelle B. from Alexandria, VA suggested we try something different with our Buddhist wrist malas. The tassel on the mala can sometimes be ticklish if not downright bothersome. So we tried putting a knot and we tried putting nothing at all. Well, having nothing at all won out and we even reinforced the material used to string the beads. Thanks Michelle!!

Moon CycleMoon CycleThese beautiful pagan prayer beads are made of 28 beads (approximately 8 mm in diameter) with a sterling silver "moon" bead on gold or silver plated wire, gold or silver plated chain, and a gold or silver plated round prayer box. Open the prayer box and place a tiny, folded prayer or focus thought inside. The prayer box can also hold a very small talisman. Hand crafted and comes in a black satin pouch. Pagan 9Pagan 9These beautiful pagan prayer beads are made of 32 beads (all approximately 8 mm in diameter) on gold or silver plated wire; gold or silver plated chain; and a gold or silver plated round prayer box. The beads are arranged in three groups of 9 beads with individual divider beads and a group of three beads leading to the prayer box. Open the prayer box and place a tiny, folded prayer or focus thought inside. The prayer box can also hold a very small talisman. Pagan 13Pagan 13

Pagan Rosaries
Pagan Prayer Beads

Almost all of the world's religions have a tradition of some form of prayer beads or rosary to keep track of prayers, or to help the practitioner focus on his/her meditations. While the diversity of pagan religions is too great to accept any one style of prayer, we hope our selection has something to offer nearly every Pagan, from Neo Pagans to Dianic Wiccans to Druids to even those home and garden witches.

  We offer three different types of pagan prayer beads - moon cycle, 32 bead and 44 bead. Sacred numbers (3, 7, 9, 13 for example) are incorporated in the design as well as circles and spirals (signifying wholeness, community, the universe, creation and cyclic change). Each prayer bead set comes in a satin pouch to easily fit in your pocket or place as an altar piece. Thoughts and ideas to focus on or prayers can be written down and placed inside the round prayer box.

The moon cycle prayer beads are based on the days of the naturally occurring moon's cycle. They are configured of 4 sets of 7 beads signifying each quarter, 1 marker bead for the full or new moon, and a prayer box (used every other month) to complete the 29 1/2 day cycle. This is of particular significance to women and the Wiccan faith.

The 32 bead prayer beads are based on 3 sets of nine beads with 3 beads leading to the prayer box. The nine beads signify the concept of "three by three"...three blessings to the power of three.

The 44 bead prayer beads are based on 3 sets of thirteen beads with 3 beads leading to the prayer box. The thirteen beads signify the 13 moon cycles throughout the year.

We know that you are looking for a prayer bead set that wil last for more than a lifetime. We agree that this should be a usable heirloom, something that can be passed down the generations with love and deep meaning. That is why we create pagan rosaries using a "wire wrap" method. By taking the time to wrap the wire around the loop at the ends of the beads, we ensure you get a higher quality prayer bead. Most prayer beads are made using beads on string or on knotted cords. Unfortunately, these strings and knotted cords fray and break over a short period of time. Using a very good quality wire and wrapping that wire around the loop provides an uncompromising quality we are proud to give to you and your loved ones. By using quality wire and a little more time, we can give you a beautiful pagan prayer bead that you can use and pass on for generations to come.

And we didn't stop at wire wrapping to give you superb quality. You will also find that our beads are a cut above what is normally offered. Most beads that are offered are tiny, sometimes less than 6mm in size (smaller than a pea). You will find that the minimum size we use is 6mm and over 75 percent of our products are 8mm size beads (the size of a good, garden grown pea). You are not a child with small fingers, you're an adult with adult fingers so you should have a bead that doesn't feel awkward to use! Also...we do not sell plastic (acrylic) beads!

Most online witchcraft stores offer a wide variety of items but not a good selection of individual items. We specialize in providing rosaries and prayer beads and are constantly increasing that selection every season. Also, custom made prayer beads are reasonably priced. There is no extra charge just because it is custom made! We are especially pleased to offer our Pagan Prayer Beads, each of which is designed and hand-crafted exclusively by Blessed be.

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