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Anglican Rosaries


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How a customer gave us a great variation.

Michelle B. from Alexandria, VA suggested we try something different with our Buddhist wrist malas. The tassel on the mala can sometimes be ticklish if not downright bothersome. So we tried putting a knot and we tried putting nothing at all. Well, having nothing at all won out and we even reinforced the material used to string the beads. Thanks Michelle!!

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Anglican Rosaries
Anglican Rosary Beads

While almost all of the world's major religions have a tradition of some form of prayer beads or rosary to keep track of prayers, the Anglican Rosary is a more contemporary form of contemplative prayer combining elements of the Catholic Rosary and the Orthodox Jesus Prayer Rope.

The Anglican Rosary is a configuration of 33 beads, divided into 4 groups of 7 (called weeks). Between each week is a single bead (called the cruciform bead). There is much symbolism, in many layers, embodied in Anglican Rosaries. The number 33 is the number of years in Christ's life; the number 7 represents the number of days of creation as well as the temporal week, the number of the seasons of the church year, the number of the sacraments; the four quadrants of the rosary represents the number of points on the cross, the number of seasons in the year, the number of lunar phases, the number of primary elements (earth, water, wind and fire), and the number of cardinal directions (north, south, east and west). The bead near the cross is called the "invitatory bead".

We know that you are looking for a rosary that will last for more than a lifetime. We agree that a rosary should be a usable heirloom, something that can be passed down the generations with love and deep meaning. That is why we create Anglican rosaries using a "wire wrap" method. By taking the time to wrap the wire around the loop at the ends of the beads, we ensure you get a higher quality rosary.

Most rosaries are made using beads on knotted cords or with beads on wire with a simple loop on both ends. Unfortunately, those knotted cords fray and break, and those simple loops tend to snag and pull apart. Using a better quality wire and wrapping that wire around the loop provides an uncompromising quality we are proud to give to you and your loved ones. By using a little extra wire and a little extra time we can give you a beautiful rosary that you can use and pass on for generations to come.

And we didn't stop at wire wrapping to give you superb quality. You will also find that our beads are a cut above what is normally offered. In most rosaries, the beads are tiny, sometimes less than 6mm in size. You will find that the minimum size we use is 6mm and over 75 percent of our products are 8mm beads (the size of a pea). You are not a child with small fingers, you're an adult with adult fingers so you should have a bead you can feel and use! Also,...we do not sell plastic (acrylic) beads.

We are pleased to offer our Anglican Rosaries, with cross and hand-crafted with semi-precious gemstones, stone, or Czech glass beads.

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