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Michelle B. from Alexandria, VA suggested we try something different with our Buddhist wrist malas. The tassel on the mala can sometimes be ticklish if not downright bothersome. So we tried putting a knot and we tried putting nothing at all. Well, having nothing at all won out and we even reinforced the material used to string the beads. Thanks Michelle!!

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    At, we offer a complete selection of rosaries, prayer beads, and religious prayer beads to fit your spiritual practice and suit your personal preferences. We strive to offer only the highest quality rosaries, prayer beads, and religious prayer beads at the most affordable prices. We import only the finest materials, as well as the best the U.S. has to offer. No plastic beads offered! For our hand-crafted prayer beads, our artist wire wraps each bead (as opposed to using simple hooks or merely a cord) to make  it more secure as well as crimping the wire for safety. This provides you with unsurpassed durability! Many of our rosaries and prayer beads also have a distinctive heft to them; you will love the feel and weight in your hand as you meditate. These classic-style rosaries are meant to be used and to last! These are all backed by our superior customer service and 30-day money back guarantee*. Please contact us if you have any questions about our rosaries, prayer beads, and religious prayer beads or anything else on our website.

Anglican RosariesAnglican RosariesWhile almost all of the world's major religions have a tradition of some form of prayer beads or rosary to keep track of prayers, the Anglican Rosary is a more contemporary form of contemplative prayer combining elements of the Catholic Rosary and the Orthodox Jesus Prayer Rope. Buddhist MalasBuddhist MalasWe carry the customary 108 bead full mala and a traditional 27 bead as well as a 21 bead wrist mala, each with the decorative guru bead. The beads are strung together (symbolizing the unbroken lineage and teachings of the Buddha) with silk cord or a strong elastic cord and finished with the ornamental "endless" knot (tassel). You may also buy wrist malas without the tassel. Catholic RosariesCatholic RosariesThese beaded rosaries are used in the Catholic tradition as a prayerful devotion to the Incarnation of Our Lord and to His Blessed Mother. It is arranged in five decades. Each decade is a group of ten beads upon which is recited the Hail Mary. In between each decade is a bead upon which is recited the Lord's Prayer. Each decade is prayed upon in honor of a mystery (of which there are fifteen) in the life of Our Lady. This ancient spiritual tool is also used for keeping track of prayers during me Pagan Prayer BeadsPagan Prayer BeadsAlmost all of the world's religions have a tradition of some form of prayer beads or rosary to keep track of prayers, or to help the practitioner focus on his/her meditations. While the diversity of pagan religions is too great to accept any one style of prayer, we hope our selection has something to offer nearly every Pagan. offers a complete line of different types of rosaries, prayer beads, and religious prayer beads. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction on all our orders. Your order is secure and backed by our 30 day warranty. We ship items within 24-48 hours (although larger orders of 5 or more may take a little longer - you will be notified). Please contact us if you have any questions. The following product categories are available on our website:

Anglican Rosaries
We offer a full and varied selection of Anglican rosaries at

Buddhist Malas
Our Buddhist prayer beads come in a full selection of sizes and semi-precious gemstones at

Catholic Rosaries
We are pleased to offer a complete selection of traditional Catholic rosaries at

Pagan Prayer Beads
Our pagan prayer beads at are handmade by our resident artist with a variety of configurations and materials.

*The money-back guarantee applies only to orders under 50 pieces. If you are planning to do bulk ordering, we suggest you buy a few to make sure the item(s) is exactly what you want.


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